Art Patronage

Along the years, patronage has greatly evolved as did the communication sciences, and the nature of the media, that we now dispose of. In our society where everything is fast-paced, we noticed an over-communication of Culture which has for effect the standardization of art patronage in a format that less and less seems to reach its audience. Culture having become a product of communication, it is time to give to art patronage initiatives an alternative that highlights the true objectives of the patron but also reevaluates our personal relationship to Culture.

adArtem project is aiming to stand out from the current patronage model and suggest an approach where the Individual, as well as the Collectivity we are part of, establish once again a true dialogue with Art, cultural act, and with the artwork itself. Being too often excluded from such a process, we must retrieve our standing, by taking the position, raising awareness, and expressing a reaction other than that of a consumer one.

Because patronage is essential to our societies, and because it conveys high values, we offer our clients, our creativity and experience to rethink responsible and structured projects around the idea that Culture is the essence of what we are today, and what we dream to become tomorrow.