Communicating on projects we have created with passion, is also sharing with the public this cultural original and highly rewarding experience. To achieve that, we collaborate with the best communication experts of classical media and new media, web or mobile. They know the inherent technicality of these communication channels and are capable of exploiting all the resources accessible.

To widen our range even further out, adArtem project adds on two activities that we especially care for:

  • Edition/Publishing
  • Artists’ monographies
  • Catalogues raisonnés
  • Art Books
  • Scientific publications (art and history)
  • Multiple Art Editions such as Financing and editing engravings, sculptures, and applied arts
  • Distribution and Translation
  • Public Relations
  • Event
  • Multimedia and Cinematographic production
  • Film production
  • Art films, documentaries
  • Media Platform creation and management (websites, social networks).
  • Creation, development and architecture of cultural websites

Each project we lead will be documented by an editorial and/or media support like a book, a monography, a catalogue, or a series of articles. In parallel, adArtem project can produce movies, such as documentaries, historical movies, or even a cinematographic production.

It is based on those documentaries’ support we will build the real communication of our projects.