Curatorial art

adArtem project aims as their primary goal to create new arts collections and their cases. Whether if they are private, corporate, or museum we design them as a new idea, like a concept around the collecting art spirit, communicating it, and sharing it. We integrate this process in an innovative cultural act that goes far beyond simple representation or enrichment.

There’s no more honorable mandate than this one and that is why we feel all particular interest in it. Our clients well know that art on its own conveys the most beautiful values such as excellence and that those are at the center of their priorities in a given moment.

Then, we advise the private buyer eager to start a collection based on an old dream, he believed was inaccessible. We also manage the new corporate collections of multinationals whose growth made them aware that sharing, communicating around a cultural identity represents far more than a strategy and it becomes a societal duty. Amongst our mandates, we also count emerging Asian countries that established culture as a priority for their identity, a unifying and patrimonial duty, a political act.

adArtem project with their team regroup their resources and necessary creativity to coordinate their specialty as diverse as museology, architecture, scenography, art history, expertise, knowledge of the art market, edition, cinematographic production, juridical engineering, banking engineering, politics.

But before all, each project begins with a dream…

  • Create a collection around a theme, a budget 
  • Guarantee complete management of the collections
  • Restructuration of the collections
  • Discovery of historical art
  • Create a new museum “ex-nihilo”
  • Communicate around the artwork
  • Acquire the most beautiful masterpieces
  • Organize exhibition from private collections
  • Represent artists
  • Advice rights holders